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Volunteer Projects: Teaching English in Thailand

Have you ever wanted to explore a new country, interact with local people on a real and personal level, and share your language in a fun and engaging way while doing so?  Maybe volunteer English teaching in Thailand is right for you!

Dragonfly is recruiting volunteer English teachers for the winter school term which will begin in early November, 2013 and continue until the end of February/March, 2014.
Our next training sessions will take place November 4-8, 2013 and December 9-13, 2013.


Please read this PROJECT SUMMARY for our English Teaching Project! (PDF format)

Volunteers join a 5-day teacher training and Thai langauge and culture course in Korat, then head out to school locations around Thailand.  A small donation of 2000THB for the training session and palcement is required.  Accommodation and school lunches are provided by your host school.

Due to requests from schools, we ask that volunteers commit to a minimum of 2 months up to the end of the school year in February (into March for primary schools).  Please note that accommodationa nd meals are not provided during the training session, however we can assist you in booking a room and finding things to eat within easy walking distance of our training center :)


"We have enjoyed our time here so much and have been amazed at the kindness of the people and their welcoming spirit and constant happiness"

-Jonny Wilson and Nicole Horn, Scotland


"I'd just like to thank you again for arranging this whole thing. It's been the most insightful and rewarding experience of my life so far. I am definitely coming back next year to either visit, or teach for a month or so."

- Jordan Gallant, Canada


Look at our Teaching Resources page to find ideas for teaching English to Thai kids!



happy girl learning English


Teaching in Thailand

Dragonfly has been operating English-teaching projects for over 5 years and we're continuing to do whatever we can to support English education in Thailand.  English is a vastly important second language here in Thailand and students who don't receive adequate instruction can find themselves marginalized in areas of post-secondary eduction and employment opportunities.  It's exactly students on the margins, those in rural and remote areas far from the nation's capital, who need the help of fluent volunteers who want to make a difference by sharing their language and cultures.


Volunteers are trained in Thai language and culture and typically live with Thai host families, and this allows them to enjoy a deep cultural experience while also improving understanding of the Thai students and their needs.  Before setting out on teaching adventures, Dragonfly ensures that volunteers are given basic training in ESL teaching philosophy, methods, and techniques so that they are able to plan and deliver successful and fun lessons to their students.  Throughout the course of their work placements, volunteers are able to keep in touch with Dragonfly staff and each other to share ideas and overcome difficulties.


volunteer leading a game with young students


While past projects have focused exclusively on teaching English as a second language (ESL), we're slowly building networks and resources so that volunteers will be able to teach other skills to Thai students, from other foreign languages, to technology and arts.


If you're looking for an incredibly fun experience working immersed in a foreign culture, please consider joining up to teach English with us this year!

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