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How To Volunteer

The main goal for Dragonfly Volunteer Projects is to get people volunteering to help people and programs around Thailand.  To reach this goal, we do things in 2 different ways:

1. We recruit volunteers to help with projects run by the Dragonfly Community Foundation.

2. We provide links and information about free and low-cost volunteer opportunities with other organizations in Thailand.  We have worked closely with the programs that we recommend and are always happy to act as a reference for these groups should you wish to know more about them.


Our projects fall into these 4 categories:

Building Projects

One of the main mandates of the Dragonfly Comunity Foundation is to teach sustainable building practices and help to support sustainable and low-cost construction projects inThailand.  We support building projects to different degrees through fundraising, instruction, materials testing, and volunteer labour.

If you're interested in sharing building skills, or donating funds or labour to construction projects, read on about our Building Projects.

boys sculpting mud malls

English Teaching

Through the DCF, volunteer projects are run during the Thai school year.  We recruit and train volunteer teachers then place them at schools around the country who need help with English teaching and sometimes also at children's homes.  These projects start twice each year, at the term start dates in June and November and volunteers stay to teach for 2-4 months or longer to ensure a great impact on the schools and students they work with.

Learn more about our English Teaching Project!

girl writing on the whiteboard

Orphanages / Children's Homes

After years of supporting orphanages and homes across Thailand by sending them volunteers, Dragonfly Volunteer Projects now offers descriptions, contact information, and informal support to those looking to volunteer to work with disadvantaged children and youth.

Find volunteer opportunities at orphanages and children's homes.

small girl with fallen bicycle


Wildlife and Environment

Dragonfly supports wildlife and environmental conservation and rehabilitation projects run by various organizations across the country.  Volunteers can find project information and contacts through the links on this website.

Look for volunteer work with wildlife and environment in Thailand.


volunteers bathing elephants


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