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About Dragonfly Volunteer Projects

Dragonfly Volunteer Projects came into being in 2004 when founder Martin Walsh decided to do something about the obvious demand for volunteer English teachers in the rural Northeast region of Thailand.  English as a second language (ESL) was most often being taught by teachers who had little training in the language and sometimes by no one at all!  Martin wanted to help schools find much-sought-after native speakers of English to teach their students without placing increased demand on the schools' already strained budgets.  Thus, Dragonfly Volunteer Projects were formed as a link between people looking for low-cost volunteering opportunities in Thailand and the students whose needs they could help to meet.


Beautiful Dragonfly

Charity Works

At the end of 2004, a tsunami devastated large areas of South and Southeast Asia, including areas of southern Thailand.  Dragonfly staff and volunteers travelled to Phang-Nga province to do what they could to help in the aftermath, and from those efforts a child and youth sponsorship program was started which continued to support youth in Phang-Nga through secondary school graduation.

Dragonfly's charitable work continued and expanded through the following years and led to the creation of the Dragonfly Community Foundation in 2008, a new body under which Dragonfly Volunteer Projects now operate.  At the DCF, we work with kids and communities to help them achieve the tools, knowledge, and economic means to improve their lives.  Our works include child and youth sponsorships, construction projects, orphanage funding and support, and various education-based projects stemming from our original English teaching programs.


New Projects

After receiving lots of interest in our English Teaching Project, we began to receive requests from potential volunteers to help them use their skills in other areas besides teaching, which admittedly isn't for everyone!  We had also been asked for support for a nearby orphanage and so we began our Orphanage Carework Project so that we could help to bring caring people with a wide array of schools to children's homes across Thailand.  This project was followed by our Wildlife Project which saw Dragonfly provide volunteer support for wildlife care and rehabilitation projects.  To round out an even 4, personal interest in sustainability and construction works were brought together by staff to create a Building Project which created low-cost and low environmental impact buildings for orphanages and community centers in Thailand.

These 4 projects are still supported by Dragonfly Volunteer Projects through fundraising activities, our own volunteer projects, and through references and links directly to projects in need.

We hope that through our organization and this website you'll be able to find the best way for you to support people, wildlife, and environments in need here in beautiful Thailand!


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